This are practical steps that have been so helpful to most people around me.
Based on my survey most people don’t actually know little things can help or make then not get the Job they spent time and days applying for despite their CV.

Step 1

Have a Job Niche: Most graduate I have seen want to work but don’t know where exactly. This has been the issue I observe for so long even among my friends whom are still searching for a place to work. I feel if you are looking for a web developer job In Lagos, don’t just go to jobber man, Jobguru and just apply for newsletters on latest job without specifying what you actually want.

Step 2
Have various social media accounts: Job now adays aren’t posted on Dailytimes, The Punch or Vanguards like they do in those days my dear reader everything is digital. Jobs are posted online; on whatsapp groups, facebook, linkedln, twitter and so many more the major thing is make do of your social media account for the betterment of your life. Social media accounts are now beyond chatting and uploading of pictures. So therefore, have Twitter, facebook, linkedln, Instagram, telegram, whatsapp and many more.

Step 3
Search the right place at the right time: You can’t expect to just stay at home and job would come meet you on your bed. Made use of what you have around tell friends you are still seeking for employment. Join job whatsapp groups, facebook pages and others that is strictly for those searching for job. Would post a link at the end of this steps where you can join a Job café group.
Now you know where to search for a job …

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Step 4
Have a generic and dynamic CV: Major issue graduates don’t know makes HR personnel not call them back due to CV format. You should know every Job you apply for have their unique way of been written and packaged. Why not go online and see different CV/ Resume samples before you decide to start sending your resume. The CV for a graphics designer isn’t the same Cv format for an Engineer or an Accountant. Try this and you would see you are the cause of your unemployment.

Step 5
Wait for the call: While waiting for the call make sure you also provide a working mail so you can get your message alert and don’t forget to put all your processes into prayer.

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