A must read – State of Nigeria

Written by The_acidic_gram

This is the state of Nigeria
a blessed nation amongst other nations

A land that flows with milk and honey. Still a place where our leaders are corny, deceiving the people;
keeping them in a state of mourning.
Making promises only to break these promises themselves, they paint a picture of hope and still watch the people choke.

Killing is now the order of the day
denying the people the hope of a brighter day and still have nothing meaningful to say.
Making us believe in freedom of speech and still deny us freedom after our speeches. Torturing and cutting our hopes in pieces, leaving us helpless with no stitches to our cuts.

Arise o compatriots and obey Nigeria’s call
We want change?

We’ve got to start on a new page
we can’t keep repeating same old routine and still expect a change.
We can’t keep folding our hands
while peace, tranquility and solidarity slowly takes stroll off our land.

Let’s all stans to our feet and stand for change because the change we all crave for starts from you YES I mean YOU!


If we all do the right things at the right time, we would have the change we ask for.

Editted by: Onasanya Michael

Olu Mico

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