Happy birthday Nigeria
Nigeria is 58 years old, Just like a woman of this age should have grand child already. What grand child can Nigeria boast of, I love my country but na government spoil am.

We all need to sit and ask one another
Where did we go wrong?
What lead us into this?
What led us into failed governance?
Who brought us into this mess?

We should remember our National anthem.Try close your eyes and sing it. So you can feel the impact and souls that were lost before such powerful song was composed.

In my area we are celebrating Independence without light. My granny said in those days Independence day is always a joyous day. Those that made Independence interesting are dead but those we have presently are the selfish and self centered leaders.

A woman @58 with lot of bad reports like Nigeria only need God’s intervention to be revived.

All written here are pure thoughts of mine.

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Olu Mico

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