Continuation:WHAT IF YOU FAIL? (2)

Yesterday, after writing the part one of this article, I posted it on various watsapp group and few minutes, I got this message:

“Na u go fail
I nor nid read am”

Was that a joke? Only the writer can tell but generally we always resist failure and I guess the schooling system really paints a bad picture of failure and that happens to be THE DANGER OF A SINGLE STORY. Have you ever viewed failure as a awesome adventure?

I could remember those days when I was still in secondary school and after result sheets are distributed, I would notice folks crying bitterly because they failed.

“My mummy will beat me.”

The human mind at birth is at tabula raza, which means it came as a clean state or board. Our exposure and experience affects our expectations and this in turn chronicles block of codes in our mind.

What is failure? How did you get to know what failure is? What experience made you label failure as failure?… Probably your experience crippled your mindset to see the ‘tail’ of failure but have you ever thought of seeing the ‘head’ of failure.

Failure is neutral, it simply takes up your definition of it

Am I encouraging you to fail? Not really.

Am I encouraging you to celebrate failure? Yes

I just want you to see failure from the right perspective because whether you like it or yes, you will fail.

As far you are on earth, you will fail and the best you can do is to reduce your failure by learning from other people’s experience, you can NEVER eliminate it.

School taught us to fear failure but life demands you to learn from it.


Yeah, I agree with you but still you can’t eradicate failure. You will fail and so you must LEARN HOW TO MANAGE FAILURE.

The reason why most people don’t fulfill purpose is because they don’t want to fail… Why of I lose my money? What if I can’t make it? … To be continued

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