Food for thought: WHAT IF YOU FAIL?

We were trained to celebrate SUCCESS.

Our minds were conditioned to always attain success against all odds.

We avoided FAILURE because the environment would either frown at us or inflict us with pain just to make sure we don’t pick it up again.

And so, we hate and fear failure.

But really, success and failure are the same.

They are simply FEEDBACKS.

I have always being a successful kid.

I was born to be successful just like everyone claims.

I always escaped failure in life, especially in my academic life.

In my final examinations in primary six, I scored 460 and that was just the minimum score.

A score less than that would have being failure.

By 2014, life made sure I didn’t escaped failure as I was WITHDRAWN FROM UNIBEN.

I almost committed suicide because I didn’t understand failure as a feedback…

Failure is an EVENT.

It is simply a feedback that points that there is an error in your algorithm.

Failure has nothing to do with your personality but simply spots a wrong approach in your character.

You are not a failure because you failed.

You thought you are a failure because you misunderstood what failure is.

Failure is part of life.

Failure should be celebrated because it shows you a way that you goal WOULDN’T work.

You must keep trying till you get it right.

Thomas Edison tried 999 times and got it right when he tried ONE MORE TIME.

This words were formed in my head when I saw my friend who was withdrawn from my department and now, he tried again and he was just given admission to study a course he is passionate about.

Failure sometimes tells us we are in the wrong place or using a wrong plan.

Some when you fail, that should trigger you to Critically think to see where you got it wrong.

When you FAIL, it simply means Fist Attempt In Learning.

When you change the approach to the first attempt, success becomes inevitable.

PS: Pojomatics with some students of Epsilon school after a lecture on Financial Education & Entrepreneurial Training (FEED).

Olu Mico

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