Desperation is a dangerous thing,
Obsession and Frustration equally. And its exactly what constitutes the drive of this appallingly new wave of feminism on social media and other fronts. Truth be told, the concept is supposed to be revolutionary in orientation. It was meant be directed towards Encouraging the girl child that she can become the next CEO if she works at it. also, That opportunity falls on the bed of those who make beds where opportunity falls on irrespective of their sexes . But this resourceful Late-New blooming feminist are now preaching contradictory and misleading phenomenon, luring our gullible young women into believing that men are scum of the earth. all of them with nothing to offer. They entreat them to forget men, that they don’t need them for anything. I’d say these is as cruel and myopic as the sound of it in every sense. women hatching this strange ideologies are either
single mothers, devorce mothers – the heartbroken, Some are simply unaware because they are not straight sexually. And just because they try a few relationship and it went wrong, they become so bitter ,turn their back on the world, stamp themselves feminist and start brainwashing our young women every chances they get. but my conflict exactly; is the damnable height of hypocrisy swelling within them. They seems to think they are doing this young women favours when in the real sense they are the one drawning all the way, refusing to move on from their past. You’re a single mum or a devorcee with children at your menopausal stage of life and you’re entreating young ladies not to find men comely because you think they are all scumbags. I hate to think you’re sick in the head. Maybe your mother impregnate herself and give birth to you – and you did same to have your children or maybe they fell from the sky, whichever way, I don’t know. But you suddenly realized that men are good for nothing late after you’ve had your own share of the rhythm and blues with them and because it was all bitter cum bittersweet. you now think the same fate awaits everyone. But the real and undiluted truth is that it’s all deep rooted in disapprobation, hatred, frustration and obsession. Why not sit home and deal with whatever it is that’s broken you beyond repairs in lieu of going public to constitute nuisance behind the clich√© of feminism.
For the gender benders, those struggling with gender identity disorder, and finding It difficult to be straight or intentionally deviate from being straight – its a lonely world we live in. Especially when the barbeque is still fresh on the grille and you’re playing in the sand all by yourself. You desire an accomplice, so you lure many into damnation – God still Loves you. Keep praying for his help and we will be praying for you too.

I write this diatribe to let you know that its a wrong thing to do – you may argue or crucify me all you want – I have taken a stand, and you’re by now supposed to know a true feminist when you come across one. They don’t add young ladies to a group on social media and try to brainwash them.
much love!


Olu Mico

A graduate in Computer Science, a graphics designer, a blogger. I love travelling and meeting new friends.

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