NOW Available on YouTube- Fela Durotoye’s Policy Blueprint

@feladurotoye Fela Durotoye understands the crucial role of the grassroots in nation building. Consulting at this level is part of the plan, the New Nigeria dream is impossible without the people! @running4anewnig #fela2019 #felasroadmap #aNewNigeria

To be a registered member of the party do the NEEDFUL for FELA TO WIN THE PRESIDENTIAL TICKET UNDER ANN?

The most important thing NOW is getting all FD team members to:

👉🏿Register with ANN via

👉🏿Pay your monthly (#1, 000) dues

These MUST be done correctly BEFORE the party can acknowledge your ‘presence’ and influence’ by issuing you with your party ID card.

Without doing these crucial things above, YOU CAN NOT VOTE for FD in the primaries coming soon!!!

Let’s not allow all our efforts be wasted by sheer ignorance of the keys which are registration and paying dues in cash to get the party ID card in hand to VOTE 4 FD! 🇳🇬

If you missed it

Fela Durotoye Policy blueprint click below to watch

Part 1

Part 2


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