by Onni Joseph Yusuf
I am made bold to say I am shy about how our past leaders have made us settle for little and engraved a mindset of impossibility on the pallette of our heart. I see a generation of Nigerians who believe so much in impossibility rather than possibility. I see a generation of Nigerians who sees the challenges without alternative headway. I see a generation of Nigeria who would rather settle for less than adopt a potential move for a grand revolution (The reason many youths are still ranting “SAI BABA” despite his tyrannic, sectional and sentimental leadership hidden under disguise of integrity)

Do you feel Nigeria is not possible. Have you taken a swipe to understudy the influx of revenue to the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

I cannot write a detailed article because we would not even take diligence to check it but I want to plead with you in the name of the Almighty God/Allah/Olodumare, please change this mindset and get set for the revolution and evolution of a New Nigeria

I have a candidate to present: He is Fela DUROTOYE (an astute strategic planner with enough motivative mindset to get Nigerians hands on deck towards pushing to achieve the goals)

Yes! You are correct! Fela Durotoye blueprint cannot be achieved in 4 years because you are adopting a principle that he should be left alone.

Your expertise, awareness and analysis would not be relevant if you don’t fit yourself into opportunities embedded in his blueprint

Lemme explain the possibility. He intended to run a Mixed Economy (Capitalist-Socialist Economy). With this, this is really a small task. Even if not 100%, as an analyst, 80% is possible

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