_By Prince Adekunle_

The girls we are meant to date
They are dating our Fathers
Our supposed brides
Are becoming premature mothers

The milk meant for their grandchildren
Have been made flaccid by the insatiable folly
They compete with their nipper for meat
Have some shame for it is a parody

The sperm that forms the teen
The same you infuse into her
And you thought it was the right thing
To mate them with white beards

Animals among the living
Where art thou shame?
Like the misfortune that befalls the goat
That makes it climbs its mother

Same that beholds the cock
That makes it chase its daughter
If you weren’t befall by such jinx
Then you fall among the fauna

You are blind to seeing your child suffer
For the misdeed you thought was right
What would you leave or offer
The crumbs of which you chewed

Desist ye from the vicious act
And stop destroying your supposed future
Don’t make the young lad loose forbearance
And take the horn by the head

And you bitch of every nation
How do you feel being dig by the rusted axe
How satisfying does the blunt machete prune
That you share the same bread with your mothers

Who should be cursed first if not you
That lay on bed with your father
The same sperm that gave you
You crave to taste forever

How manage do you take it
The forbidden fruit that is sour
Doesn’t it feel distasteful
Eaten the overripe apple foul

And it all get back to the awakening
That it never last for so long
And the moment is just like a wind
Then it fades without leaving crumbs

Then you wish to take back the shoes
Of dignity, awesomeness and virtue
But you’ve outgrown it before your time
And the shoe that fits is of shame and mockery

You are all cloaked animals
That uncovers the nakedness of your daughters
And illuminate the nudity of your fathers
To share meat with your sons
And bread with your mothers.

*Stop illicit sex*

*3D writer from Magboro in Obafemi Owode LG Ogun state*

Olu Mico

A graduate in Computer Science, a graphics designer, a blogger. I love travelling and meeting new friends.

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