Get your priority right

By- OlO2

Priority is a word, used to described the state of attachment of importance to a person or thing. It is also refers to as the goals or aspirations of a person or an organisation.

Priorities are not just things stack at the back of our mind or in our heart, awaiting actions or actualisation, priorities are what modifies our life’s and guide our day to day activities……… Your priorities is like your treasuries, so effort must be made to set your priorities right.

Professor D.O Fagunwa in one of his numerous quote says that “ A man or woman who want to be important in life, should not make the opposite sex his or her priority at the early stage of his or her life”. As an individual or entrepreneur your priorities have the power to either make or may you, always gives preferences to things that will contribute to your quest for success, never waste your precious time on unnecessary things.

What you do is what you have, what you have is who you are. Don’t do “anyhow” things and don’t do things anyhow

Get your priority right…..


Olu Mico

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