Yearning for a better Nigeria

-Kunle Olumofe

I yearn for the day when TRUE men and women of integrity and sacrifice will take charge of Nigeria again. This was Nigeria’s no. 1 citizen Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa during his annual leave while serving in govt. He chose to take his leave on his farm with his sons in Nigeria. He didn’t waste the country’s resources on luxuries we can supposedly ill afford. Nigeria today is governed by many men and women who claim to love this country but can not sacrifice their luxurious lifestyles while in govt to save millions of dollars and to lead by example. We need better public servants. We do not yet have the best ones serving us. Period.

For those who are not aware. It was the murder of this humble, learned man that kicked off Military coups in Nigeria (Nigeria’s current civilian President was a culprit of illegal governance in those days and was at some point called a Despot to his face during a BBC Hard Talk interview in the early 2000s).

Soon after this well meaning Nigerian public servant was murdered by cowards in military gab, Nigeria’s civil war eventually took place.

Sadly, since TB was overthrown (apparently for Tribal reasons among others), Nigeria has never had much peace and good governance if at all.

We need to get our country back.

I will no longer lay back and watch my country ruined by former despots and current shameless civilian “rulers”.

Personally I’m at my limit.

Nigeria is truly a POTENTIALLY great nation. However we will never unleash that potential until we rid the country of RULERS and replace them with GENUINE PUBLIC SERVANTS who love and respect ALL Nigerians and would be willing to sacrifice their ALL for this country.

We do NOT have such people in charge today. And we can.

The question is do we WANT real servant-leadership or are we content to be ridiculed locally and internationally by men and women who claim to serve us but instead serve agendas that more often than not show a deep disdain for the average Nigerian?

Personally, I have had enough.

It is time to SAVE NIGERIA once and for all. And voting for model public servants with insight and vigour and true love for Nigeria and Nigerians must be our joint goal if our children are ever to experience a truly Great Nigeria.

It is time to #SaveNigeria.

Olu Mico

A graduate in Computer Science, a graphics designer, a blogger. I love travelling and meeting new friends.

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