Agony Of A Blind Mind

By: Olusegun Omotosho

In darkness I dwelt
A soul and body grumble
The night light of `Osupa’
Has ceased to support my `Ina Atupa’
This pain I felt
`Eyi mu mi ranmu’
I begin to rumble

My `Ina Atupa’, this lantern
How far can you lighten my mind
Can I speak through your kind
Should I place before you my heart
As the moon does swim in my art
When I expressly flow in a reflecting pattern

Even the `Irawo’ that accompanies the moon
In their galaxy has become lax
The starry sky devoids light
The night becomes noon night
With no bride to add light to the groom
The beautiful night becomes coarse

Every `Ale’ I look towards my `Ojo Ale’
What would become of me
I sit with these nocturnal companions to discuss
Every night, all my fears they allay
As they clearly illuminate my course
Of what I should be

`Eyin Ore mi’, my beautiful allies
I still reserve the places for your whim
I can’t walk in the dark mind alone
I feel so lonely, that heart rallies
This `Ina Atupa’ looks dim
It can’t see tomorrow, but nearest morrow
For loneliness sake it was borrowed

This `Ina Atupa’, a short life light
`Ti o ni pe ku’, its death knocks in moment
Devastatedly wanted to rent my garment
For this cannot light my path
But only brighten my face
How should I run the race,
With a mind with no sight?
That soul of a loner, rants

Olu Mico

A graduate in Computer Science, a graphics designer, a blogger. I love travelling and meeting new friends.

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