Even the Supreme Court has declared that only LGAs have the power to tax private property, and that the Parliament must not usurp or purport to usurp such powers exclusively donated to the LGA by the Constitution [Knight Frank & Rutley Nigeria v AG Kano State (1998) 4 SC 251].

To circumvent this and further emasculate the LGAs, the LSHA purports to legislate that the LGAs can “delegate” such powers to LASG😳

I was at the public hearing where one of the key concerns was that the parent law could not be found anywhere for a meaningful review even on behalf of (potential) clients.

I took time after the public hearing to rummage the entire LSHA for a copy of the law without success. Even its Legal Department – to which I was referred – could not help!!!

There is also apparent arbitrariness in the implementation of the law. While the advertised rates are seemingly reasonable, the actual demand notices are in some cases mind boggling. Or how does one explain that an owner/occupier who paid N700K (Seven hundred thousand naira only) received a demand notice of N14 Million (Fourteen Million Naira Only) under the new law? He said so on the floor of the public hearing. In this economy?

To protect the Nigerian masses is a task that must be done.

What is perhaps worse is the attempt by the police high command in Lagos to intimidate lawyers in particular and Nigerians in general.

Our courts have repeatedly upheld the Right of Protest. To arbitrarily abridge same on the pretext of protecting Mr. President is laughable and unacceptable. It is even an acceptance of ineptitude that a motley band of Ikeja Branch lawyers can derail the entire security dragnet around Mr. President merely by carrying placards.

Mr. Edgal says he’s more concerned to show Mr. President that Lagosians are happy. Sadly, a group of Lagosians want to state otherwise. But they must be stopped with AK47 among others.

Is that the Rule of Law which NBA has vowed to promote? Is that what obtains in civilized climes, moreso as Lagos keenly aspires to wear the ‘mega city’ tag?

Let the venue of the protest in Ikeja be made known, and we shall be there!

-Prince Adekunle
Human right activist

Olu Mico

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