Exuberant which means very high spirited, deeply enthusiastic, extremely energetic and lively. Youthful exuberant is a stage in the life of the youth ones in which growth or rapid growth is inevitable. Growth could be in mental, or physical. In psychological exuberant youth growth could then be physical, from child to adolescent stage. There is a tendency or enthusiasm to do things or to express thoughts more exuberantly.

As both positive and negative do come to man’s life, these shows what a youth becomes so easily and quickly.
I will group my discussion into two
a. Negative exuberant in youth’s life.
b. Positive exuberance in youth’s life.

A. Negative exuberance in a youth’s life. How it penetrates?
1. Association with bad company 1 Cort 15:33
2. Isolation from parents’ counsel; or control I.e when in school or travel
3. Exposure to moral damaging visual films.
4. Attention to nerve damaging sensory information.
5. Damaging interaction or relationship
6. Access to damaging taste.
7. Timidity to eject destructive acts or habit.
8. Parental negligence Prov. 23:6, 1 King 1:5-7
9. Exposure to things that they can not control
10. Access to bad information and availability of storable electronic student youths engage themselves more exuberantly on this things side effect of negative exuberant in youthful life are:-
Stubbornness, disobedient, covetousness, stealing, lying, laziness, bad company that degenerates to cultism.
Unruly behavior
Not will in to listen, reason or learn love of pleasure crave for unrestrained freedom lack of interest on the things God, dangerous soliciting, rebellion and sexual abuse.
Why some youths do engage in sexual abuse and the way out of the vices.

1. Everybody is doing it; so I must do it clue follow now the multitude to do evil
Exo 23:2
2. The world is lustful and sexy so I can’t avoid it clue trust in God of holiness who is
able to keep you from falling 2Peter 1:4-10
3. I am growing old and I must have my education clue seek counsel for the way out.
4. My parents are poor and may not have money and plan for my wedding now clue consult your parent for the possible solutions
5. My fiance usually request for it and do not want to offend him clue make your fiance to have 3basic Xian experiences always resist that offer and boycott such demand.
6. People don’t respect request for it and do want to offend him clue make your becoming a mother/father will solve the problem clue allow God to count on you then men God’s promotion and recognition is the best. Improve your personality relationship and spiritual disposition as an alternative.
7. I used to have the thought of affairs always though I’m not underage but still in school clue if after counseling and prayer the thought still remain, declare your plan to your parents and your pastor and possibly plan to have a low profile wedding 1 For. 7:1-2
8. Myself and my partner were in the same college. He agrees to accommodate me in his hostel since I have no money to serve mine clue if he truly loves you, he will plan to subsidize your accommodation while you pared with other same sex partner.

9. I don’t know that he planned to rape me while we were in courtship clue stop visiting your fiancĂ© alone. Don’t stay at the closed door for any discussion, avoid street pocketing movement; familiarity breed contempt.
10. The church elder/leader praised me to agree for my fiancé so that he will not drop me. Clue leaves such assembly as they may eventually ruin your life e.g A lady was charmed to be smelling badly.
11. Some men toasted me to be my sugar daddy clue it is degrading and shameful reject it completely.

12. His/Her insisted that he/she want to proof viability and importance clue if you were all tested okay and God decided to inflict you for your sin of unbelief and faithlessness, what will you do? Trust God for your partner. He will walk out things at the right time.
13. I don’t like the way that my parents were treating me an deciding for my life clue consult your parent for that decision and the treatment and comply with them, your staying is temporary. If you can’t bear with them, you may not be able to bear with your husband when things turn around.
14. I don’t know it is bad biblically or I have no power to resist it clue Hosea 4:6-10
15. The environment influenced me to do it clue study Lev 18:1 – End, Exo 34:12 Debut 4:24-27 , I Cor 8 :9-12, Lev 20:21-27
16. I am used to mastubation and sexual imagination and I can’t do without carrying them out clue Gen 6:5 come to the clearing power and fountain Matt. 11:28, Isa 59:1-21.
17. I am influenced by modern way of living and modern style of operation clue SOS 3:2. Is a 8:15-19
18. My mind and spirit does it because your minister encouraged it clue Is a 52:11 Exo 10:11
19. Because our culture does not consider it sinful and I go into it clue Lev 18: 24, 1 Debut 18: 9-13
20. I don’t have money, I’m suffering clue 1Cor. 4:12,10:13, 2 Cor 1:6, 2 These 1:5, 2 Tim 2:12, Heb 11:25, 13:3, I Pet 2:20,3:14-17, 4:16.

By Rev’d. Dr S.O Adebisi

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