By:Olusegun Omotosho

The Dark wings of death
That have enfolded the city
Has been broken
Nature has spread a pure white garment
Of snow
To bury death forever

But I see men
In search of warmth and safety
After their escape route
To short while peace
Has been buried
Ye! The end of death
Has opened the book of tribulation

You Carnivorous mortal
That has fed on bodies
Your Death
Is like the birth of sorrow
The death of sorrow
Yes! A two side coin

Eternity arrived
Amongst the great sounds of trumpets
Like a shoe with no foot
Like a garment with no body
It silent steps could be heard
From the voice of those

Hailing eternal life

Some have found solace in death
Some have lost their ace to death
All have risen to be seen
Either to celebrate the death of death
Or Mourn the death of death

Many shall call on you
As the tides of time
Has fallen on you
For your crime
you have been cut off
In your prime

Now, you are Dead
Master of silent still
That has tilled bodies
Deep down the earth
To cover them up with darkness
Arise! They have all

Many have passed through your school
Many have seen the setting of their sun
You have awarded certificates
And titled many ‘Late’
After submitting their pride to you

For some have called you
Mighty and dreadful
And you were proud
You! Death
You are slave to immortality
And you shall have dominion
No longer

The death of death has awaken all eternally
After that short sleep in grave
Because we would not stop existing for death
But,Death would stop existing for us

Your graveyard is an extinction
Death! shall you be buried
In a forever darkness
Having being killed by Eternity
As you had pierced through many
Like blade
Separating love ones
During your time

Now your time is over!
In your life time
You were like a knife
That cuts dream
And subject ambitions to day dreams
Leaving men to lay still in stream of darkness
That flows underneath

Tears flowing at your demise
Men calling for your sword
Just to pierce them for still peace
To escape the torture of the last world
But Forever you are gone

Choruses echoing at your demise
Men hailing your downfall
Just for the victory over you
To have been set free forever
From you

The Death of Death
Is like a song of sorrow
The earth
Would sing, tomorrow
If the new world begins
And the world leader reigns

The Death of Death
Is like a song of victory
The new earth
Would sing,for the history
That Is gone
And a new kingdom is born
For the saints

Death Of Death
All await you!
But,Let me sing this my dirge
As I shall be no more

Olu Mico

A graduate in Computer Science, a graphics designer, a blogger. I love travelling and meeting new friends.

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