Dozing off today as usual
But yet not asleep

Yawning almost every seconds

Not for food or sleep

But for those moment with you

They are forever treasure

In the alabaster chamber of my heart
Don’t bother to ask what you are to me

Because if you are a tree

You will be a palm tree

Cause you are useful from top to root

If you are an animal

Then you are a lioness

Cause your bravery is so immeasurable

If you are a bird

Then you will be a peahen

Cause you are colourful and beautiful
You still don’t get it i guess?

I mean if you are a city

You will definitely be Paris

Cause your view is so mesmerizing

If you are a currency

You will be Pounds

Cause you are so valuable

If I will have to use just a word to described you

I will use “unique”

Cause among multitude you stand out
Don’t let me flatter you

But you are brighter than the moonlight

You Crystal than gold

More precious than diamond

See the angels getting jealous of you

Cause you are more than what they are

You are a women

You are simply YOU.

Thanks for been there all the time

Do sleep well tonight

OLO2 is proud of you

Send to that special person who has been there forever

Olu Mico

A graduate in Computer Science, a graphics designer, a blogger. I love travelling and meeting new friends.

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