I remember the day I saw him I said to myself this guy is cute and, that day I was without makeup, I actually forgot about him. The day I saw him again I didn’t remember his face so he asked for my number and at first I wanted to play hard to get but later I gave him my number.

He called me the following day and we decided to meet the following week on a Wednesday. I was so shy at first so we spoke for a while, we got to know about each other later, he introduced me to a game that he‘ll guess the card am holding.

I told him it’s a lie and he told me to promise him something and I told him I’ll give him anything he asks , we played at first he got it and we played three times more and he won the game and later asked for a French kiss. Had no choice since I had promised him I had to succumb so we did it and It was mind blowing. I called myself a cheap whore after the kiss but later I got over it.


Then he asked me out and I said NO!, he knelt down and begged me but I still didn’t give him a positive reply instead I told him that we need to know each other more. I later found out he was of a different faith meaning he practiced Islam while I practice Christianity which later discouraged me but something within me wanted to give in by then I was so confused I had to tell him I‘ll think about it.

Now have grown to love him so much and I couldn’t stop thinking about him I had to choice than to accept his proposal, our relationship was so blissful and lovely but little did we know that things were about to change. Finally, I took him home and my parents disapproved our relationship in fact my father forbade it immediately he got to know his faith.

I pleaded with them to respect my feelings but their words were final and I had no choice than to obey. I became the shadow of myself, I lost appetite for everything gradually I started losing touch from reality. I was so depressed I had to elope with him but I was just happy for a while.

I thought about the pain my parents were going through, I called home and I was told mum was gravely I had to return back home. I hated myself for causing my mother so much pain I had to stop communicating with him.

Though, It wasn’t my greatest desire but my family had to come first and I had to make mother happy, soon we started drifting apart and finally he told me he can’t take it anymore. I was devastated and heartbroken, he told me he was tired of waiting and his mother has been pestering him for marriage it was the most terrible day of my life.

He got married to a girl which shared the same faith with him, I had to stay strong for my parents. I wasn’t the same anymore cause the love of my life is gone, he never forgot about me either he always call to check up on me. I gave up all hope of us being together when I heard he was now a father.

I was so furious at him for having a child with another woman but a part of me still loved him. I had no choice than to move on with my life. I eventually got married after so much pressure from my parents I only liked him, I couldn’t bring myself to love another man. When we made love on our first night, I was thinking about him all through wishing he was the one I was sharing such intimate moment with.

Unfortunately, we had to live our life’s separately and till date he is still my one and only love. I had to accept my fate that we can never be able to consummate our love which I so dearly craved for, what we have is an IMPOSSIBLE LOVE.

I still look at his picture sometimes and just wished our story was different.

Olu Mico

A graduate in Computer Science, a graphics designer, a blogger. I love travelling and meeting new friends.

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